Jamberry Nails!

I am so fortunate to have been sent these wraps! I’ve seen different nail wraps online and at stores, but have always been too scared to buy them. I am the type of person that always has my nails done…but I never, ever do them myself. I go to the nail shop for my mani/pedi every 2 weeks and I always see the same lady since she knows exactly how I like my nails. I am wayyyy to afraid to do my nails myself, hence why I have never ventured into nail wraps.

The package I received came with –

-Sheet of Nail Wraps

-Alcohol Wipe

-Orange Stick

-Rubber Cuticle Pusher

-Nail File

-Card with step-by-step directions

Before I go into my step-by-step pictures, I want to give you my thoughts on this product. First off, there are soooo many different nail wrap designs to choose from and they are all soooo BEAUTIFUL! In addition, there is so much range in the designs available…all the way from Halloween to floral to animal print to sparkles to french tip. Regardless of your style, you will find one to meet your liking. Did I mention, they also have a “Jamberry Juniors” and “Mommy & Me” lines?! Awesome right? You can get your little one involved and to top it off you can both pick matching wraps. The wraps can be applied on both your fingernails or toenails.

Most importantly, to my surprise, these nail wraps are so easy to apply. Like I said, I am not too handy with doing my nails so the fact that I succeeded is a big plus. The application is not messy, easy to follow and takes such a small amount of time to do.

I see myself using these nail wraps on all 10 fingers or I think it would also be nice if you had your nails painted and then applied one of the nail wraps to your ring finger just for something extra. I also think it looks great to have a different nail design on each nail. The nail wrap on each finger can be different, but they can all look as though they belong in the same family, which will give you a real unique set of nails.

So with out further ado…here is my step-by-step. Keep in mind that this is my first time using this product. I always want to give you all the “real deal” so with a little more practice, they can look even more amazing.

Here are the items I received

photo 15
And the different nail wraps

photo 3








1. Clean your nails with the alcohol wipe provided and push back your cuticles

photo 2 photo 1








2. Match your nail with the nail wrap that fits best (the nail wraps are on a clear sheet so it makes it really easy to size up your nail against the nail wrap. Just place your nail behind the sheet with the nail wrap and you can easily find the one that fits.)

3. Peel off the nail wrap and heat it with a blow dryer for a few seconds until it is soft and flexible

4. Press the nail wrap on your nail and apply pressure

photo 14 photo 13

5. Use the rubber cuticle pusher to seal the base of the nail wrap

photo 12








6. Trim the top of the remaining nail wrap (On a side note- if you have shorter nails you can use one nail wrap for 2 fingers. When you size your nail wrap you can cut the nail wrap in half and leave the other half on the sheet to apply to the next nail. I couldn’t do this since my nails are a bit long.)

photo 11







7. File off the remainder of the wrap using a downward motion

photo 4







8. Apply additional heat and pressure until the wrap is secure

Here a few shots of the finished product. I didn’t really like how my thumb turned out so that is why the pictures are mostly of my four fingers. I am verrryyy satisfied with how the rest of the nails turned out and I received so many compliments from random people.

photo 5 photo 4 copy photo 1 copy photo 3 copy photo 2 copy








I definitely recommend this product to anyone. It is great to have always have a sheet of these nail wraps handy that way when you don’t have the time to go to the nail shop or you just don’t have the time to sit and paint your nails then you can just pop on these nail wraps and go about your day.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can buy it here or contact Michelle Davila at mishadavilla@yahoo.com.

I received a sample sheet of nail wraps, but the full sheet comes with more than enough or all of your nails. Each sheet retails for $15 a piece, but right now on there is a promotion that if you buy 3 sheets then your 4th sheet is free.

Have any of you tried out this product before? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

<3 Krista Theresa

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