Beauty Booked!

beauty booked

Have you heard of Beauty Booked?! I read about this on Allure and just had to rave about it. Basically it is a website that also has an app where you search different beauty places and book your appointment on the spot.

To me it is like a Yelp made especially for beauty services. How awesome is that?! First you set the area you are searching in. The only con is that there are only 7 areas available at the moment – New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco. They are expected expand this list soon. Once you have your area selected you can dig a bit deeper and choose the city nearest to you. Then the fun starts…you can search by beauty category – Blowout, Nails, Haircut, Tanning, Facial, Massage, Hair Color, Makeup, Brows or Bikini. Once you narrowed down the service you are looking for you can start browsing all the awesome salons. Each salon will have their own profile where you can view their general information such as hours and exact location, menu, reviews and even pictures of the place. Beauty Booked also teamed up with Allure, so you can even see what salons are “Allure Approved”. After you have decided on a place, you can go ahead and book an appointment without ever calling the salon. That means you can book any appointment 24/7 and you have all the information about the salon at your fingertips.

I encourage everyone to visit the website or download the app and check it out. It is seriously awesome and I know it will only get better as they add more cities to their portfolio.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Beauty Booked!

<3 Krista Theresa


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