REVIEW – Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

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I have a really awesome product find for you guys! Today I am reviewing the Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. All of us ladies love long, full lashes. The longer the better right?! Many of us buy false lashes in order to get that long, full lash and there are even products out that that will help grow your lashes.

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But falsies no more! This product is awesome. I was actually very impressed with the results that the 3D Fiber Lashes provided. It retails for $29 and I am so in love with the packaging. It comes in a really nice hard case and inside it has the Transplanting Gel and the Moonstruck Natural Fibers. It gave my lashes instant length and really made them look full. Best thing about it was that it was super easy.

1. Apply a thin coat of your favorite mascara and let it dry

2. Apply an even coat of the Transplanting Gel

3. Immediately apply the fibers on to the lashes

4. Add another coat of the Transplanting Gel to seal your lashes

*Note – It is always best to do one eye at a time and you can re-apply the Fibers at anytime as long you seal it in with the Transplanting Gel.

The pictures I provided are from my first time trying it out. I wanted to give you the my first impression pictures. I know that this product can do wonders once I get a hang of it more.

I really recommend this product to you if you love long lashes, but don’t want to wear falsies. You can purchase it here and take a look at other products Younique has in store or you can contact Katie Slabaugh at

Have any of you tried this out already?! I would love to hear your thoughts!

<3 KristaTheresa

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